Batik of Java in a series, to greet Hartono

Saturday 4 June 2011, I joined the Floating Land agenda in Cootharaba Lake, Boreen Point.

Cootharaba Lake view, beautiful and peaceful.... photo by hedabatik

The information of Floating Land attached by copy and paste from – Floating Land acknowledges this land and its Aboriginal people and recognises their physical and spiritual relationship reaching back thousands of years, and into the future. Floating Land understands that the heritage of this region has been shaped by people from many countries, and promotes respect for all cultures by exploring cultural diversity. Floating Land expresses shared environmental concerns and finds ways to work together on common goals. Floating Land stands for a future of mutual respect, harmony and sustainability.

One of the art works which was joined the mission of Floating Land. Photo by hedabatik

The focal venue is Boreen Point at Lake Cootharaba in the UNESCO-listed biosphere of Noosa, with satellite locations at Coolum and Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast.

Conceived in 2001 as an outdoor sculpture exhibition, Floating Land has made a name for itself as one of Australia’s leading Green Art events. Re-engaging the community with nature has sparked the imagination of writers, performance artists, musicians, photographers, academics and scientists. In 2011 Floating Land is celebrating its sixth year as a ten-day program of workshops and events, bringing people from across the Asia-Pacific together with communities on the Sunshine Coast.

Javanese batik artist, Hartono was preparing his display to support the mission of Floating Land. Photo by hedabatik.

My intention went to Boreen Point was, to greet Javanese batik artist Prambudi Hartono who would present a traditional Javanese batik installation along the foreshore of Lake Cootharaba. Water is an integral element in the creation of batik and Hartono’s installation represented his interpretation of water through batik language and motifs and examine the environmental challenges a modern batik artist faces in keeping the tradition alive.

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