Batik of Java in Noosa

On Friday (10/6/2011) I was invited to join the floor talk of batik exhibition in Noosa Regional Gallery, Sunshine Coast, Australia. I arrived earlier as usual to build a familiarity with the surrounding. The gallery is located by the beautiful Noosa River and gallery itself, one of the best I’ve seen.

Batik of Java in Noosa Regional Gallery. Photo by hedabatik

Certainly, The batik collections has lifted the interests within Australia. The agenda started by morning tea together on the dining table. Coffee, tea and cakes enhance the batik talk that morning which was led by Greg Roberts himself as the owner of batik collections, Prambudi Hartono as the batik artist and myself as the activist.

Batik of Java display at Noosa Regional Gallery, June 2011. Photo by hedabatik

Speaking batik from A to Z always gives its own spirit. The collection of Greg Roberts and Ian Reed is Batik Pasisir from North Coast of Java.

Greg Roberts, Australian batik Collector, Hartono, Javanese batik artist and John Waldron the Manager of Art and Culture Sunshine Coast Council and I.

We also promoted our batik agenda through the weekend workshop. Surprisingly, some guests who were attended in the floor talk then decided to sign up with the workshop.

Hartono led the floor talk of batik process. Photo by hedabatik

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