To celebrate the first Batik Day officially on 2 October, the organization of My Indo Connect presented Octo-Ber-BATIK.

Welcome sign of Octo-Ber-BATIK ..... photo: My Indo Connect

The event held on 9 October 2010 at Millwell Road Community Centre, Sunshine Coast presented Batik Exposure, Batik Talks, Batik Celebration, Batik Parade and Batik Raffle. Surprisingly, many Indonesian were not aware about the Batik Day.

Dadang Christanto, a wellknown international artist who opened Octo-Ber-BATIK event and I in Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Heda as the host of Octo-Ber-BATIK under the umbrella of MIC’s organization presented the right points about batik including shared a significant news of UNESCO’s recognition about Javanese batik. This event has brought much interests to the public in Sunshine Coast.

Dadang Christanto cut 'Octo-Ber-BATIK' cake to mark Batik Day!!!

Thanks to Dadang Christanto, an international well known artist who was willingly able to open the event. Also thanks to Untung Waluyo and Naomi Wiley as the guest speakers.

MIC will always use Octo-Ber-BATIK as the best way to celebrate Batik Day.

batik exposure in Octo-Ber-BATIK 2010, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Octo-Ber-BATIK is one of my dedication to present “Batik is Indonesia”, to love batik and to preserve batik into the real action.

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