Batik in Literature

As a form of dress, batik is considered one of man’s “Basic Human Requirements”. From time to time, the needs of food, clothing and shelter have always been the prime concern of the human race of survival.

One of the patterns were reserved exclusively for royal attire It is 'Parang Rusak' Design delivers physical and mental control which is consisting of a series thick knife-like forms. :: Courtesy of hedabatik.

Clothing is mentioned in many other ancient literary works, along with concern for the other basic requirements of food and shelter.

Each of man’s basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter have two dimensions : one being physical, the other spiritual. Physical dimension describes the physical aspects of the human requirement, while the spiritual explores the metaphysical.These dimensions are so intrinsically entwined, we consider them dwitunggal or ‘two-in-one’.

Understanding these two dimensions is of educational value, especially for one’s spiritual growth. It is of particular interest to explore our traditional literature and examine in more depth what the physical and spiritual dimensions of batik-making are, especially because of batik contains the rich culture meaning and philosophical value.** (Source: Sekaring Jagad Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat – Astuti Hendrato Darmosugito)

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