Batik Outside The Royal Courts

Every time mention about batik and royal courts, immediately our mind goes to indigo and sogan colour with a stark white background, contains deep meaning and symbolism are hidden in the each pattern. Besides that facts, batik is worn in the important occasions to reflect the personality.

Certain patterns of batik from royal courts were prohibited used by the public. Pola larangan or ‘forbidden pattern’ were formerly the supremacy rights to the king and the royal family.

If there is batik from royal courts which were only worn by the royal family called as Batik Kraton or Royal Batik, so there is so many other patterns from the largest group of people who live in and around Yogyakarta.


Batik worn by the traditional administrative officers in the regencies and also worn by their families, forms a distinctive class of its own. Usually they were come from the royal palaces by birth.


Batik worn by the people who live around the mosque, was formerly where the Muslim leaders lived. They also produce their own batik to trade it. The most of batik kauman has an Islam influences.


This batik worn by general public. There are batik halus and batik dhagel. Batik rini is a special variety of batik dhagel. Rini is the Javanese word for half cent, the smallest currency during the Dutch period.


This batik produced and worn by Chinese in the North Coast of Java. Encim is a term referring to a woman of Chinese descent.


This batik produced in the North Coast of Java spread from Pekalongan till Madura.They have adopted patterns from Dutch, China and India influences.

(Source: Sekaring Jagad Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat ~ Nian S. Djoemena)

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