Batik Peranakan

Batik Peranakan were born through intermarriage with Javanese women, a strong Chinese/Javanese mixed population evolved along the north coast of Java. Not only happened between Javanese and Chinese but also Arabs and Dutch of the colonial period  left behind mixed race descendants with their own cultural characteristics.

The term of Sarung Encim is also one of batik pattern which has strong influenced from Chinese culture and  opt to use mix colors, like olive and orange. The most are pastels.

Indo-European batik was also a special style. The typical designs are animals and plants, pictorial scenes like Chinese theater, Dutch colonization, spice trading and etc. Batik Peranakan has its own uniqueness even though did not deliver the symbolic meanings and philosophical values as Javanese batik genre. Don’t be surprised if you see the figures of shadow puppet combined with Tulip Flower, plane, warship or Little Red Riding Hood!**

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