Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011

That’s right! Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011 coming soon.

Octo-Ber-BATIK is the way to celebrate Batik Day, it is originally initiated by My Indo Connect and then the idea of hedaBATIK came along! Even though Batik Day occurs on 2 October but we are going to celebrate it on 22 October because we dedicate October as a month of batik. So, any date of October and celebrate Batik Day, then we call Octo-Ber-BATIK.

Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011 Poster

Literally, ‘berbatik’ in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘wearing batik’. All fit in together beautifully.

This year Octo-Ber-BATIK is the year 2 of celebration since Indonesia Government declared Batik Day on 2 October 2009 after recognized by UNESCO. We would love to hold the event of Octo-Ber-BATIK every year to keep batik spirit alive.

”]What will we do in Octo-Ber-BATIK this year? Certainly we will bring the sensation of Batik Clinic in the spot, Live Music and don’t forget Batik Raffle!! Please support the whole Octo-Ber-BATIK as part of preserving batik, while Batik Raffle to dedicate the humanity call. We would love to donate all the raffle money to Merapi Kids.

Typical Yummy Indonesian food calls you too. Beef Rendang for sale will be available. Free food is also served!!

Beef Rendang by My Indo Connect

Your sincere donations would be welcome and appreciated.

See you in Octo-Ber-BATIK!!


My Indo Connect as the umbrella

My Indo Connect (MIC) http://myindoconnect.wordpress.com/ is incorporated with hedaBATIK to allow the mission of batik preserving is achieved. The organization of My Indo Connect as the umbrella for any hedaBATIK’s agenda. We look forward to cooperate with any institution or organization or community group to hold the Batik Clinic and Batik Waxed Canting Class Workshop.

Crowd at hedaBATIK Clinic

Batik Display when Batik Clinic @ Noosa Gallery by hedaBATIK

One of the Batik Clinic visitors experience waxing batik with a canting tool.

The art of making batik is presented the content value of art, culture and education in so many ways which is suitable for any interest and benefit. hedaBATIK adheres and cares for the environment, that the reason we don’t hold the complete Batik Workshop all the time.

The art of Waxed Batik. Courtesy of hedaBATIK

The main key of Batik learning sensation is experience the waxing batik with a canting tool. The main workshop is the Batik Waxed Canting Class, to learn and create the art of waxed masterpiece.

hedaBATIK supports Merapi Kids

Learning is a lifetime process! If we have the opportunity to learn something valuable, so the Merapi Kids!

Merapi Kids do art and craft

The atmosphere of Merapi Kids in the Day Care Class. Photo Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi.

So, who is the Merapi Kids? They are the needy children who live in the slope of Merapi, the most active and dangerous volcano in Central Java.

Face of a village in the slope of Merapi Volcano. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

My Indo Connect http://myindoconnect.wordpress.com/ have a special connection with The Community of Rumah Pelangi, a community group which have the heart to give the hope to Merapi Kids. Since My Indo Connect’s resource is batik, and was incorporated with hedaBATIK, so any cost or 50% cost of applied by hedaBATIK goes to Merapi Kids and to preserve batik.

Festival of Merapi Kids 'Tlatah Bocah'. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

hedaBATIK would like to supply the resources such as batik tool and equipment for Merapi Kids, and also organize a workshop with the local batik artist to share their time and knowledge voluntarily to the Merapi Kids.  They deserve to have it as their compensation as an informal skill gain.**

Batik Clinic @ Noosa Regional Gallery

Just arrived from Sydney-Canberra Trip on Thursday midnight, another Batik Clinic ready to kick off. It is local, just down the road but preparation always takes time. Batik Clinic at Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican St, Tewantin. It was 10 September 2011!

Batik Display when Batik Clinic @ Noosa Gallery by hedaBATIK

Mostly the stuffs from Sydney-Canberra Trip didn’t unpack and just bits and pieces to swap around, just to make sure we give the best. Of course, never forget to bring Indonesian finger foods!

Noosa Regional Gallery held the event ‘Making The Link’ to meet – greet and participate the local community with the local artists.Surprisingly, they brought Batik Clinic as the Special Event Highlight! Big thanks to Nina Shadforth and Julie Hauritz.

Crowd at hedaBATIK Clinic marquee

So, what is Batik Clinic? Through Batik Clinic, you are not only see Batik Display but also you can experience how to try “canting tool”!

One of the visitors experienced Canting Tool at hedaBATIK Clinic

Another big thanks to Bill – Endah Higgins and Bill – Elly Matthews for the yummy foods to make Batik Clinic more special!

One of the visitors experienced batik at hedaBATIK Clinic

Batik Display @ ASYIK 3, Sydney

Festival Indonesia hit on Saturday 3 September 2011 all day long in the heart of Sydney – Darling Harbour, then the next day on Sunday 4 September 2011, hedaBATIK made a move to set Batik Display at ASYIK 3.

Batik Display @ ASYIK 3 ... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Where was ASYIK 3 held, Erskyne St, Wynyard Sydney CBD ....

I just want to share a little bit of the word ASYIK. Literally ASYIK means cool, chill out, fun ….so I look forward to be a fun and cool night!!

ASYIK 3 was held in The Sydney International Cultural Centre to address a night event with Indonesia-Australia Visual Art, Music, Culture and Dance.

Batik Display @ASYIK 3 in the premium spot .... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

The organizer said ASYIK 3 as the mini festival but I still think not that ‘mini’!

Courtesy of hedaBATIK

hedaBATIK got the premium spot, right in the front corner where people who pass by clearly see the display! Brilliant! Thanks God of course!

Even though it was small display, we give the best part of our collections for the generous organizer. We made a display to show waxing sheet belong to Noosa Regional Gallery who’s created by Hartono, batik artist who invited by Sunshine Coast Council for exhibition.

Surprisingly, Deva Permana as the MC at that night invited hedaBATIK to speak a little bit about batik in front of audiences. Thanks to Deva Permana and Reza Achman who invited and organize ASYIK 3. It was a privilege and pleasure to participate with ASYIK 3.


Makukuhan in action ..... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Courtesy of hedaBATIK

ASYIK 3 was really asyik (cool and fun). AWESOME NITE!!! Love it!!!

Batik Clinic in Darling Harbour Sydney

Last Thursday (1/Sept 2011) we drove to Sydney for Batik Trip, hedaBATIK did Batik Clinic at Festival Indonesia in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. We just took a joy ride, stopped to overnight in Port Macquarie then continued the next day to reach Sydney.

Friday morning we hit the road again and around midday we reached Sydney safely. Thanks God!

Once we arrived, straight away we decided to check out the site. Here we go!!

Preparation on the move .... Courtesy of hedaBATIK.

Stalls for the foods, workshop, media, etc ... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Certainly we can’t wait for The Big Day, Saturday 3 September 2011!

Batik Clinic sets Display, do waxing on the spot, and provide a long sheet for people to experience canting and waxing!

The Big Day! Main stage with SBS van ...Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Indonesian tradition costume carnival ..... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Grab an experience to try to use canting in Batik Clinic ....Courtesy of hedaBATIK

a corner of Batik Clinic with hedaBATIK at Festival Indonesia

One of them who enjoy trying waxing with canting .....Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Well, unfortunately we can’t upload all the photos of them who enjoy to experience waxing with canting tool. Also, I couldn’t take photos and doing batik at the same time including took my own photo while waxing!!

But, above all …..it was a great day and so fruitful clinic!!