Batik Display @ ASYIK 3, Sydney

Festival Indonesia hit on Saturday 3 September 2011 all day long in the heart of Sydney – Darling Harbour, then the next day on Sunday 4 September 2011, hedaBATIK made a move to set Batik Display at ASYIK 3.

Batik Display @ ASYIK 3 ... Courtesy of hedaBATIK
Where was ASYIK 3 held, Erskyne St, Wynyard Sydney CBD ....

I just want to share a little bit of the word ASYIK. Literally ASYIK means cool, chill out, fun ….so I look forward to be a fun and cool night!!

ASYIK 3 was held in The Sydney International Cultural Centre to address a night event with Indonesia-Australia Visual Art, Music, Culture and Dance.

Batik Display @ASYIK 3 in the premium spot .... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

The organizer said ASYIK 3 as the mini festival but I still think not that ‘mini’!

Courtesy of hedaBATIK

hedaBATIK got the premium spot, right in the front corner where people who pass by clearly see the display! Brilliant! Thanks God of course!

Even though it was small display, we give the best part of our collections for the generous organizer. We made a display to show waxing sheet belong to Noosa Regional Gallery who’s created by Hartono, batik artist who invited by Sunshine Coast Council for exhibition.

Surprisingly, Deva Permana as the MC at that night invited hedaBATIK to speak a little bit about batik in front of audiences. Thanks to Deva Permana and Reza Achman who invited and organize ASYIK 3. It was a privilege and pleasure to participate with ASYIK 3.


Makukuhan in action ..... Courtesy of hedaBATIK
Courtesy of hedaBATIK
Courtesy of hedaBATIK

ASYIK 3 was really asyik (cool and fun). AWESOME NITE!!! Love it!!!

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