Batik Clinic @ Noosa Regional Gallery

Just arrived from Sydney-Canberra Trip on Thursday midnight, another Batik Clinic ready to kick off. It is local, just down the road but preparation always takes time. Batik Clinic at Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican St, Tewantin. It was 10 September 2011!

Batik Display when Batik Clinic @ Noosa Gallery by hedaBATIK

Mostly the stuffs from Sydney-Canberra Trip didn’t unpack and just bits and pieces to swap around, just to make sure we give the best. Of course, never forget to bring Indonesian finger foods!

Noosa Regional Gallery held the event ‘Making The Link’ to meet – greet and participate the local community with the local artists.Surprisingly, they brought Batik Clinic as the Special Event Highlight! Big thanks to Nina Shadforth and Julie Hauritz.

Crowd at hedaBATIK Clinic marquee

So, what is Batik Clinic? Through Batik Clinic, you are not only see Batik Display but also you can experience how to try “canting tool”!

One of the visitors experienced Canting Tool at hedaBATIK Clinic

Another big thanks to Bill – Endah Higgins and Bill – Elly Matthews for the yummy foods to make Batik Clinic more special!

One of the visitors experienced batik at hedaBATIK Clinic

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