hedaBATIK supports Merapi Kids

Learning is a lifetime process! If we have the opportunity to learn something valuable, so the Merapi Kids!

Merapi Kids do art and craft
The atmosphere of Merapi Kids in the Day Care Class. Photo Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi.

So, who is the Merapi Kids? They are the needy children who live in the slope of Merapi, the most active and dangerous volcano in Central Java.

Face of a village in the slope of Merapi Volcano. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

My Indo Connect http://myindoconnect.wordpress.com/ have a special connection with The Community of Rumah Pelangi, a community group which have the heart to give the hope to Merapi Kids. Since My Indo Connect’s resource is batik, and was incorporated with hedaBATIK, so any cost or 50% cost of applied by hedaBATIK goes to Merapi Kids and to preserve batik.

Festival of Merapi Kids 'Tlatah Bocah'. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

hedaBATIK would like to supply the resources such as batik tool and equipment for Merapi Kids, and also organize a workshop with the local batik artist to share their time and knowledge voluntarily to the Merapi Kids.  They deserve to have it as their compensation as an informal skill gain.**

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