My Indo Connect as the umbrella

My Indo Connect (MIC) is incorporated with hedaBATIK to allow the mission of batik preserving is achieved. The organization of My Indo Connect as the umbrella for any hedaBATIK’s agenda. We look forward to cooperate with any institution or organization or community group to hold the Batik Clinic and Batik Waxed Canting Class Workshop.

Crowd at hedaBATIK Clinic

Batik Display when Batik Clinic @ Noosa Gallery by hedaBATIK

One of the Batik Clinic visitors experience waxing batik with a canting tool.

The art of making batik is presented the content value of art, culture and education in so many ways which is suitable for any interest and benefit. hedaBATIK adheres and cares for the environment, that the reason we don’t hold the complete Batik Workshop all the time.

The art of Waxed Batik. Courtesy of hedaBATIK

The main key of Batik learning sensation is experience the waxing batik with a canting tool. The main workshop is the Batik Waxed Canting Class, to learn and create the art of waxed masterpiece.


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