Batik Experience Moment

We are ready for Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011!! It is the year 2 and we expect more people interested in batik. Honestly, we still met some people who don’t know batik while doing Batik Clinic. What their words were:

“I have lots of batik from Bali but I never realized it is the process behind it. Oh My goodness, what a sacrifice!”

“Why do you use that tiny weird tool? What’s wrong with the advanced textile machine? You don’t have the modern textile machine in your country?” (hedaBATIK just smile and happily to explain the winning part of Traditional Batik.)

“What is hedaBATIK?” (Smile again, heda is the name, BATIK is …..bala …bla …bla …)

One lady pointed out to me and her daughter said,”Do you think we should take a Batik Class to gain the sense of patience? Daughter said,” I think so.”

“How do you maintain your emotion while doing batik?” I said,”I must switch my self off from the world so that I can stay peace anywhere anytime, not only while doing batik.” Hhhmmm … 😉

Doing batik when BATIK CLINIC at Noosa Gallery. Courtesy of Istvan Photography [

But I experienced a special funny moment when one lady came to me and said,”Is it waterproof?” (How will you answer? Kindly or …..)

That’s a part of experiences when doing Batik Clinic so far (From Noosa till Sydney), the journey still long way to go and we believe will be more interested, inspired and motivated. Every moment we have, we thankful for everything.~


hedaBATIK @ Festuri 2011

Last Saturday (8/10) hedaBATIK was joined FESTURI 2011. Festuri is an annual multicultural celebration. This year Festuri presents The Village – free global beachside carnival was located in Happy Valley Caloundra on Saturday and Sunday 8-9 October 2011 from 10 am till 5 pm for both days.

As always Festuri holds Multicultural Music & Dance, Market & Food Stalls, Workshops and Kids Activities. Speaking about part of Indonesia, I was keen to present Batik Clinic!

Batik Clinic by the most beautiful beach at Happy Valley Sunshine Coast by hedaBATIK.

There is a little bit of faith ride when facing Batik Clinic for Festuri! The weather forecast said rain. I believe the power of prayer! My friends and I keep uphold the prayer for weather miracle. I was so positive that the weather will be fine. The fact was ……..heavy rain, very dark, hail, wind and cold! Completely not the best day for any outdoor activity!

I sent a text to the organizer “What can we do in the rain?” But my heart so confident that everything happened for a reason! Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I still believe, everything will be alright and weather miracle will happen! I don’t know why? I didn’t worry or upset to see the bad weather.

The organizer replied me that just hold up for an hour and call her back. I was glad to that but before an hour, I decided to go to the location!! Still heavy rain, very dark, hail, wind and cold! I went to the location!! The main stage, all marquess for workshops set! Ready to use! So were market and food stalls also set.

I got out from the car and joined them. Many of them desperately not happy with the day, blamed the weather of course! Many of them decided to go home. Too disappointed!!

I said to the organizer that I stay and see how it go. I went back to the car, did a little prayer and a quick nap. I still believe something will happen for a good reason! I confirmed myself that I must set up by 12 pm as the schedule of hedaBATIK started 1 pm and finished 3 pm.

When I checked my watch, it was 11.45 and the day changed…….. the rain stop!! Then the nice and bright day, beautiful blue sky and hot came!!!

Some workshop tents at Festuri 2011surround hedaBATIK CLINIC.

Thank God for answering our prayer as always!! Nothing impossible for Him!!

One of Festuri visitors tried to wax with a canting tool. Courtesy of hedaBATIK.

Batik for Humanity

Javanese batik as an item of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, that category has rang a bell personally. I must do something with batik for humanity too!

Festival of Merapi Kids 'Tlatah Bocah'. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

A heart for Merapi certainly is the reason and still continues. The unfortunate children who live in the slope of Merapi Volcano deserve to have our help.

The atmosphere of Merapi Kids in the Day Care Class. Photo Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi.

The focus of working with batik is getting clearer, do Batik Clinic, Class and Sponsorship for Humanity. We would like to share the world of focus, patience, consistent, harmony and meaningful through the art of batik which also consists the aspect of culture and education in the same time.

So, we look forward to cooperating with any institution such as gallery, community center, school, or interest group in term of  Clinic, Class and Sponsorship.

Please help us to connect with people who look for and need Batik Clinic, Class, Resource and Sponsorship in Australia.~