Batik Experience Moment

We are ready for Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011!! It is the year 2 and we expect more people interested in batik. Honestly, we still met some people who don’t know batik while doing Batik Clinic. What their words were:

“I have lots of batik from Bali but I never realized it is the process behind it. Oh My goodness, what a sacrifice!”

“Why do you use that tiny weird tool? What’s wrong with the advanced textile machine? You don’t have the modern textile machine in your country?” (hedaBATIK just smile and happily to explain the winning part of Traditional Batik.)

“What is hedaBATIK?” (Smile again, heda is the name, BATIK is …..bala …bla …bla …)

One lady pointed out to me and her daughter said,”Do you think we should take a Batik Class to gain the sense of patience? Daughter said,” I think so.”

“How do you maintain your emotion while doing batik?” I said,”I must switch my self off from the world so that I can stay peace anywhere anytime, not only while doing batik.” Hhhmmm … 😉

Doing batik when BATIK CLINIC at Noosa Gallery. Courtesy of Istvan Photography [

But I experienced a special funny moment when one lady came to me and said,”Is it waterproof?” (How will you answer? Kindly or …..)

That’s a part of experiences when doing Batik Clinic so far (From Noosa till Sydney), the journey still long way to go and we believe will be more interested, inspired and motivated. Every moment we have, we thankful for everything.~

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