Batik for Humanity

Javanese batik as an item of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, that category has rang a bell personally. I must do something with batik for humanity too!

Festival of Merapi Kids 'Tlatah Bocah'. Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi

A heart for Merapi certainly is the reason and still continues. The unfortunate children who live in the slope of Merapi Volcano deserve to have our help.

The atmosphere of Merapi Kids in the Day Care Class. Photo Courtesy of Rumah Pelangi.

The focus of working with batik is getting clearer, do Batik Clinic, Class and Sponsorship for Humanity. We would like to share the world of focus, patience, consistent, harmony and meaningful through the art of batik which also consists the aspect of culture and education in the same time.

So, we look forward to cooperating with any institution such as gallery, community center, school, or interest group in term of  Clinic, Class and Sponsorship.

Please help us to connect with people who look for and need Batik Clinic, Class, Resource and Sponsorship in Australia.~

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