Batik Pavilion in the Heart of Brisbane

It is an exciting moment!!!  Batik show is just around the corner!!!

hedaBATIK will share the heart of Indonesian art, culture and history through batik in the heart of Brisbane, King George Square. When? Saturday 18 August 2012.

This excitement has postponed the schedule to go overseas and changed the schedule because it is simply the best for batik. The original schedule was 14 August to depart Brisbane, then we changed it to 19 August 2012! I believe it is worthy as I love batik and it is my dedication for my country! I want Australian public (again) open their eyes to see the beauty Indonesia through batik.

It is the biggest event in Brisbane, the very first Indonesian Festival in Brisbane that focused for public, not only for Indonesian community.

What hedaBATIK can offer to you? It’s Batik Clinic, Demo, Expo and Workshop for waxing session. It is open for public who wants to join the session with a cost only $15 per person. There will be Batik sale too. All proceeds will go to non-profit incorporation My Indo Connect to fund the Batik ‘s vision mission and helping the needy children.

See you in Brisbane!!


  1. You are are real treasure Heda and Ian and I wish you and all involved an uplifting day. Sadly we are unable to join you as we will be in Bellingen (NSW) for my uncle’s 80th birthday celebration.

    Soon after we depart for 6 weeks in our beloved Java and Bali. This time we are flying to Surabaya to start our car trip west along the coast to Jakarta. Joining us for the trip is the former director of the Pekalongan Batik Museum whose knowledge and passion will be invaluable. Ian has done 12 week course of Bahasa so is keen to test himself!

    Where are your travels taking you? It has been too long since we last saw you but the past six months has been horrid for me health wise having spent 65% of that time in bed. I am hoping a new drug balance will bring success.

    Our best always and three cheers for wonderful Indonesia and its magical cloth batik,
    Ian & Greg.

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