FUN Batik For School Kids

We will say good bye 2012 in few weeks! 2012 has been a great year for hedaBATIK fulfilled many invitations and contracts, did Batik Clinic locally in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane till Sydney. That’s just the beginning, our works still stack up and the job must be done! Thank you very much for the organizers who gave us the opportunity to expose hedaBATIK, without you we won’t be like today. Really appreciate that!

HB Collage1 (2)

Also thank you so much for some parties who always support generously to hedaBATIK’s progress.  Look forward to having better collaboration and  service in 2013.

Festuri Collage1
hedaBATIK Clinic at Festuri 2012

Certainly we look forward 2013 with the greater dream and vision. Let’s prepare the agenda of 2013, with this year theme of vision and mission “Acknowledging Indonesia through the Work of Batik”.

hedaBATIK would like to welcome the Program FUN Batik For School Kids in 2013 for kids between 10-15 years old.

hedaBATIK in business.
Spirit of Australia by hedaBATIK

This fun session without using heating wax at all, completely 100% SAFE and FUN!! Encourage your kids join the class to explore their aesthetic sense in the different medium. Help them to see the different world of art and culture to help their awareness of multicultural aspects. Plus hedaBATIK has prepared lessons for school co-curriculum. Come on create your own art into batik!

Kids have the natural ability to draw their dream and world. There is a greatest beauty deep inside every kid, help them to visualize it as the beginning of creativity to build their future dream.

Friendly Shark made by Robert Bailey
Doing a project like making batik in the safe and fun way is the choice.

So, we kindly invite all local schools to take the opportunity this program to enrich the knowledge of art, culture and education.

Experience a truly Javanese heritage to challenge your focus, patience and aesthetic sense through the work of batik. Not only that, you experience the Javanese sensation without leaving your own homeland and yet still have that atmosphere strongly. Means, you don’t need to prepare big cash to go to Indonesia to learn BATIK!

hedaBATIK gives a mobile service. We come to you!! Contact us now for further information.**


  1. Heda, congratulations on your successful year introducing batik, the fabled cloth of Indonesia, to all participants wise enough to take part in your Batik Clinics. Your passion and enthusiasm will ensure dreams do come true in your new, Program FUN Batik For School Kids. I highly recommend Heda’s Batik Clinic and Program FUN Batik to all teachers of 10 – 15 year old students who will remember the day batik awoke their creative spirits.

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