Batik Display at Gold Coast

Another Batik Agenda just passed (27/4/2013), was Batik Display to support the celebration of Kartini’s Day at Gold Coast.

IMG_2874[1]So what is Kartini’s Day? Well, let’s we start to get to know who is Kartini first!

Raden Ajeng Kartini, or sometimes known as Raden Ayu Kartini, was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini was a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians.

That’s just the highlight of Kartini, so celebrating Kartini’s Day is celebrating the spirit she has to inspire Indonesian women to go forward and be the pioneer in your own role! Please dig out lots of information about RA Kartini, it’s so interesting!


Back to the reason and purpose of hedaBATIK doing Batik Display at Kartini’s Day is so obvious … taking the role of being today’s Kartini in overseas through the work of batik. I just try to do my best to be today’s Kartini, but it’s still far away! He he he 🙂 By the way, Kartini was also doing Batik!


I’d like to thank to Seharum Nusantara, the organizer for this event, gave me the appreciation and opportunity to share the beauty of batik. I only could do Batik Display because it’s indoor activity. If it’s outdoor and undercover, I would be happy to do Batik Demo in the spot!!


hedaBATIK presented the appreciation to the Diplomat of Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, Diplomat of Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, and the Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesian Embassy in Canberra.

Personally I had the great time because could display batik and look forward to try a different wall side to display for maximum impact  between us.

Thanks to Bapak Aria Bima from Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, Bapak Gatot Subroto from Indonesia Embassy in Canberra and Ibu Kusuma Habir from Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, for spending your value times to ask about vision and mission of hedaBATIK.


Big thanks for the hospitality, what a privilege to be part of your mission! Your appreciation and accessibility to help us in recognition, display, work and relieve were so helpful.***


Batik Agenda for 2013

First agenda of batik just passed! hedaBATIK Clinic just held on Tuesday 23/4 in University of Sunshine Coast to color the Harmony Day. More the Batik Clinic is held, more the beauty of batik is shared.

Together with other performers, we serve our best services to introduce our passion of art and culture in the different ways. We are different but we could live in harmony, our customs and culture are different but we respect each other.

Through the work of batik, I showed the different of batik – it is NOT just another garment or cloth!

The highlight of Batik Clinic from Harmony Day at Uni of SunCoast was … not taking enough photographs!! YES, a little bit slack 🙂 I only have one photo, a Japanese student. Japanese always interested in Batik because there is a similarity with their Kimono’s textile art.


I met lots of people who were interested in Batik. Some of them were who had experienced to visit Indonesia, then realized the effort behind the batik process!

Not to forget, I’d like to thank to Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance for taking me on board and giving me the opportunity to share batik in the sector of education. YES, I look for more works and opportunities for Batik Clinic around the school and universities.

Batik is so versatile, could present the aspect of art, culture and education in the fascinating ways.***