Batik Agenda for 2013

First agenda of batik just passed! hedaBATIK Clinic just held on Tuesday 23/4 in University of Sunshine Coast to color the Harmony Day. More the Batik Clinic is held, more the beauty of batik is shared.

Together with other performers, we serve our best services to introduce our passion of art and culture in the different ways. We are different but we could live in harmony, our customs and culture are different but we respect each other.

Through the work of batik, I showed the different of batik – it is NOT just another garment or cloth!

The highlight of Batik Clinic from Harmony Day at Uni of SunCoast was … not taking enough photographs!! YES, a little bit slack 🙂 I only have one photo, a Japanese student. Japanese always interested in Batik because there is a similarity with their Kimono’s textile art.


I met lots of people who were interested in Batik. Some of them were who had experienced to visit Indonesia, then realized the effort behind the batik process!

Not to forget, I’d like to thank to Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance for taking me on board and giving me the opportunity to share batik in the sector of education. YES, I look for more works and opportunities for Batik Clinic around the school and universities.

Batik is so versatile, could present the aspect of art, culture and education in the fascinating ways.***



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