Dreaming of Batik Body Painting

One Saturday morning (11/May), my mind went wild in the artistic way because I dwelt in the Australian Body Art Carnivale 2013. So far,this annual event already dragged me for 3 years consecutively. The people, colours, shapes, and expressions always held me tight in so many ways included I cancelled few appointment just for the sake of this carnivale!


photography by heda

The 2013 theme was the “Best of Oz” but my mind went wildly(still)  into the theme of batik artwork in the body! Imagine the colour, history and story of batik centre around the body in its many ways from the top to the toe! Ha ha ha ….It might sound crazy 🙂 but never knows! Plus …. they say art has no boundaries 🙂


photography by Heda

Ideas and inspirations flow and flow and flow without the limit. It’s the time for the artists to present their creativity, imagination, talent, and passion! How to interpret something Aussie in the body that can speak unspoken words but the beauty of Oz!


photography by Heda

Began with the foundation colour in the body. Some artists picked the right brush to lay their right foundation colour to lift up the power of color and everything else into one masterpiece!

Walked around and stopped, then around again and stopped to feed my eyes and joy, then I saw EMU!! I stopped there and spent my times with Emu and its artist Anke Catesby. YES, I love Emu in her body! I love her artworks!!


photography by Heda

Anke Catesby painted that gorgeous Emu so excellent!! I had the opportunity to talk with her then end up swapped the business card after that. When I write this blog, I found out in her web that she won People’s Choice Award and won 1st prize for Brush and Sponge category 🙂 Congratulations!!

YES, I am so glad 🙂 I had chosen her too!!

No matter what is the medium – body, canvas, fabric, stone, wood or anything you can think of, art has no boundaries and always beautiful in many ways!!


hedaBATIK and Suzi Karim

Winter is here!

This is what I do these days to fight the cold weather: spending hours near the batik stove, not only to keep me warm, but also to work on tons of batik for my current projects 🙂 including a sweet and exciting collaboration between hedaBATIK and Suzi Karim Photography.

Here is a little teaser;)

The big design I am working on must be done through many careful steps. The image below shows how I paint line by line, corner by corner, one piece at a time until the puzzle-like design becomes one beautiful masterpiece. That’s exactly like my batik multi-projects, putting together the puzzle pieces, so I started with retouching the image of hedaBATIK.

Batik is often portrayed through images of a woman wears traditional outfit, sitting in the small stool near the stove. She would work with a small wok, facing a piece of white cloth in a wooden frame, drawing line after line – dot after dot – curve after curve, swirls after swirls of her batik design.


The art of making batik is a patience ....... Courtesy of hedabatik

The art of making batik is a patience ……. Courtesy of hedabatik

I wish to show my batik’s image in a different way. I choose to wear batik in Dodot style to reflect the way Javanese royal family wear them and I would carry a traditional anglo clay burner, small wok and Canting to visualize the batik-making process.

Photography by Suzi Karim. (www.suzikarim.com)

Photography by Suzi Karim.

Big thanks to Suzi Karim, an artistic and skilled Indonesian Photographer based in Brisbane who invests in this project as much as I do. Meeting, sitting, and discussing the ideas about the collaboration of Batik and Photography has been nothing but bliss. I knew from the beginning that she can transform my Batik concepts into her powerful images!



Photography by Suzi Karim

This is no doubt a working progress, one that I enjoy so much. My regular trip from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane feels like a visit down the road lately. There are still plenty to be done as you read this and I look forward to completing this collaboration! Our passions for Indonesian culture, heritage and arts drawn us to this journey together.

Wait and see! Our project comes soon!!