Future Exhibition of Batik

My time in the festivals for batik have come to an end this year as I planned and already said goodbye to the festival’s fellows for the great time we had. Now, time to focus for the future exhibition of batik where I could display and share my artworks with the different point of view, shape, deliverance, and meaning.

heda2I do enjoy the workshop, definitely must go on to pass down the heritage but will work in the different ways. I will juggle the portion between the workshop and creating the artworks so that I could pour out the imagination beyond the limit of making batik!!

Save your date from 9 October to 23 November 2014, I will have an exhibition together with Senior Australian-Chinese Artist Ah Xian, Yeats Gruin and Rick Gruin in Noosa Regional Gallery, to lead my future exhibition: THOUSAND ROLLS OF BATIK.

To feature the exhibition Traces of China and Metaphysica, I will display the selection of textile works highlighting the influence of Chinese motifs and symbolism.

Come and Join the Batik Workshop at Noosa Regional gallery on Saturday 11 October. Family Day Sunday 12 October. Artist-in-Residence Workshop for Teens Saturday 25 October. Please contact the gallery.


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