The Heart of Batik

In the midst of focused journey on my batik, then the super challenges came. The heart of batik remains alive deep in my life but the priority must be shifted. I did the best I could do to support my husband who was battling with multiple cancer in the brain and to spare the time for batik.

Exactly on the day I finished my exhibition, my husband had an incident that required him to admit to hospital ….. again … and he never come back home anymore. RIP. I am still grateful that I managed to deliver the heart of batik together with ABC. Thank you Noosa Gallery. Thank you Jo Joyce. Thank you ABC.

Lots of batik creations I made to depicts about his brain. The creations reflect the journey of my personal life how I see the storm of life strikes me. At the beginning, I felt like the black clouds hovered my life and ready to engulf my whole life, but then …. I remember …. I am not alone! There is a Big Man with Mighty Hands who always available anytime to hold me up.

Slowly I will get back on my feet for my batik. I just need a little bit more time to allow the process after the loss of my husband. **

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