Batik Workshop at University of Sunshine Coast

Thanks to Aaron, Pak Richard, Lachlan, Pippa,  Arum and others to make this workshop fun and fabulous!

Courtesy of hedabatik

Courtesy of hedabatik

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It was one fine Thursday 28 May 2015 at University of Sunshine Coast to support the Diversity Week.

We had 2 groups for one day workshop! You’re all amazing!!

One highlight was pak Bruce was so happy not to leave the session as he wasn’t sure if he could make batik. He made it and happy ending for his experience as he admitted it!

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After all, one by one they admitted how they felt!! Ooooh … so awesome!!  So ….. ready with bigger project and challenge?!



At Griffith University

It’s always a privilege moment to be invited to conduct batik workshop. Back in 11 April 2015 the workshop at Griffith University went well as the bad weather hit for more than 24 hours. It was non stop torrential raining then flooding in the highway threatened my trip from Sunshine Coast to Southbank.

I did stop 3 times as I couldn’t see the road; thought to cancel and went back home but the knowledge must pass it on!

I only could pray during driving and believing that I am not alone. Believing that mighty protection upon me.

After more than 2 hours and a half driving, I arrived safely but I faced another challenges!  It was …. conducting the workshop indoor in the gloomy day!

Thanks God again as the building security switched off all the air conditioning and smoke alarm system for the whole one block!

To compensate the sunlight,  I used the hair dryer and some participants used it to dry their shoes!!

After all, we made it perfectly. Thanks to Bapak Richard Curtis, ibu Endah Curtis,  Brisbane Catholic Education and all the language educators.

Such a great moment!

Such a great moment!