Future Exhibition of Batik

My time in the festivals for batik have come to an end this year as I planned and already said goodbye to the festival’s fellows for the great time we had. Now, time to focus for the future exhibition of batik where I could display and share my artworks with the different point of view, shape, deliverance, and meaning.

heda2I do enjoy the workshop, definitely must go on to pass down the heritage but will work in the different ways. I will juggle the portion between the workshop and creating the artworks so that I could pour out the imagination beyond the limit of making batik!!

Save your date from 9 October to 23 November 2014, I will have an exhibition together with Senior Australian-Chinese Artist Ah Xian, Yeats Gruin and Rick Gruin in Noosa Regional Gallery, to lead my future exhibition: THOUSAND ROLLS OF BATIK.

To feature the exhibition Traces of China and Metaphysica, I will display the selection of textile works highlighting the influence of Chinese motifs and symbolism.

Come and Join the Batik Workshop at Noosa Regional gallery on Saturday 11 October. Family Day Sunday 12 October. Artist-in-Residence Workshop for Teens Saturday 25 October. Please contact the gallery.



Mark of The Artist

Talking batik in the way to share the beauty of batik artwork must continue. Thankfully the opportunity came! It was one fine Friday of 11 July 2014 in Noosa Regional Gallery, one of the prestigious council galleries, hosted the Batik Talk.

Through their program ‘Mark of The Artist’ I had another fantastic opportunity to discuss the batik artwork from the view of process, the history impacts, the power of colour spread and specialist and the commitment of its artist.

Giving the opportunity to all invited guests to see and touch some pieces of batik from raw, half process and fine finish was the most important parts, not  to mention to see some tool and equipment which used in the batik making.

Big thanks to Noosa Regional Gallery for all preparations including beautiful morning tea and the interest of batik.**

The Beauty of Batik

It is a privilege for us to be able to distinguish batik.

Let say,  just loving batik, it seems not satisfied us as the beauty of batik would give us lots of story.

The spiritual wisdom that pours into a piece of cloth can tell many stories for the generations to come …. that is The Beauty of Batik, another book after The Love of Batik!

a booklet of batik is The Love of Batik, presented by hedaBATIK. Thanks to Shannon Bergman as the model, she is Australian students who speaks Indonesia.

a booklet of batik is The Love of Batik, presented by hedaBATIK.

our book "The Beauty of Batik". We are Heda Bailey, Suzi Karim and Yuliana Kusumastuti so passionate about batik. This book is presented in English with the hard cover and super glossy thick paper. This book marks The Spirit of Kartini on April 2014.

This book – The Beauty of Batik marks The Spirit of Kartini on April 2014. Thanks to http://www.suzikarim.com for the artistic photography!!

The beauty of batik goes beyond the finish products we find at the shops; it had to go through painstaking effort, commitment, and artistic skill before we can hold it on our hands or wear it to functions and that is where the true beauty of Batik lies.

This book of The Beauty of Batik is exclusively presented in English and bundled with hard cover and glossy quality paper.

The Record of hedaBatik 2013

It’s long time no update my site!!

Too slack! Too busy! Too much excuses – all in one, all mixed up for sure! But doing batik to keep this legacy is still up. 

What’s up in 2013? I did some photo shoot for profile and publication project, some batik clinic with some universities and school, some festivals and making batik for sure.

Doing hedaBATIK Clinic at University of Griffith

Doing hedaBATIK Clinic at University of Griffith.

Uni students at Griffith Uni tried to do waxing

Uni students at Griffith Uni tried to do waxing

It was an awesome day at University of Griffith in Brisbane. Lots of uni students showed their interests included one mute and deaf student that I learnt lots how to communicate with him. He taught me lots about understanding and appreciation in so many ways. 

Each time I explained the ways to do batik, I must write them on the paper then demonstrate the action! 

Thanks to Nikko and others Gripit Bros to invite hedaBATIK.

hedaBATIK Clinic at QUT  (Queensland University of Technology) Brisbane

hedaBATIK Clinic at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Brisbane.

Thanks to Yani, Reza and Seno who included batik as part of the programs at Queensland University of Technology Brisbane and of course nothing better than show the real batik demo in the spot to share best of Indonesian art and culture!! You did the great job to organize and well collaboration!

hedaBATIK Display for Kartini's Day at Gold Coast.

hedaBATIK Display for Kartini’s Day at Gold Coast.

Thanks to Seharum Nusantara to include hedaBATIK as part of Indonesian treasures to support Kartini Day. I put the big sign NOT FOR SALE, DISPLAY ONLY as we agreed to focus on sharing batik knowledge.

hedaBATIK Clinic for Celebrating Multicultural Week of Brisbane.

hedaBATIK Clinic for Celebrating Multicultural Week of Brisbane.

It is great to celebrate Multicultural Week of Brisbane and they recognized hedaBATIK was worth to be in their program as we show Indonesian art and culture values through the real artwork in the spot, not product-selling-focus and further class is available too!

hedaBATIK Clinic at Festival Indonesia, King George Square Brisbane in the upper deck.

hedaBATIK Clinic at Festival Indonesia, King George Square Brisbane in the upper deck.

I would say it should be the top Indonesian Festival in Brisbane, but it was the disappointed day as batik didn’t expose really well. They placed hedaBATIK in the upper deck! Many people didn’t know if there is an upper deck! 

I learnt that many people sell ‘the art and culture commodities’ to profit themselves and not so many people could value art and culture in the right way with the respect and dignity. But it won’t stop hedaBATIK to continue the mission to spread batik through the real artwork of batik.

Thanks to Emma, Efiq, Reza, Deva and others who stayed with me and gave some encouragements!

the hard work of doing batik.

the hard work of doing batik.

one of hedaBATIK Clinic's participants at Indonesia Independence Celebration Day, Sherwood State School Brisbane

one of hedaBATIK Clinic’s participants at Indonesia Independence Celebration Day, Sherwood State School Brisbane.

hedaBATIK invited to be part of Indonesian Independence Day at Sherwood State School Hall in Brisbane. Finished at Sherwood around 4pm back home to the coast then continue to attend another Independence Day Celebration at Mooloolaba State School hall, at least I didn’t do any Batiking!


I had twice invitations to do Batik Clinic at University of Sunshine Coast for 2013, I must search the photo documents that misplaced somewhere 😦 not good aay! But thanks to Judy Shelley to be part of your agenda.

Well, in between of doing Batik Clinic everywhere, still got the time to spend time with some media who interested in my batik world though! They are Tamarind Online Magazine, Kompas – Indonesian leading media and Indo Media in Sydney.

check out Tamarind Online Magazine for hedaBATIK article.

check out Tamarind Online Magazine for hedaBATIK article.

hedaBATIK article on leading Indonesian media, Kompas who recognized hedaBATIK works to spread batik in Australia.

hedaBATIK article on leading Indonesian media, Kompas who recognized hedaBATIK works to spread batik in Australia.

An article in Kompas was very interesting as one of Indonesian racing driver visited Coffs Harbour for his raving agenda. His racing car is painted in batik design as he wants to spread batik where ever he goes, then their media team who covered his racing world came across with hedaBATIK. Sweet!!

an article of hedaBATIK in Indo Media Magazine

an article of hedaBATIK in Indo Media Magazine.

hedaBATIK: Indonesian Batiker in Australia.

hedaBATIK: Indonesian Batiker in Australia.

Thanks to Indo Media Magazine to recognized hedaBATIK as the Indonesian Batiker in Australia. Yes! Indonesian Batiker in Australia!

hedaBATIK Clinic was in Darling Harbour too for Festival Indonesia. The event organized by Indo Media. I’ll insert the photo documents later on 🙂

Is that all?

No. I did Batik Clinic at Pesta Rakyat at Brisbane Power House and Ferny Grove State High School. Again, the photo documents misplaced somewhere 😦

All the Batik Clinic done for 2013, the work of batik still continues, I set hedaBATIK Home Gallery at Currimundi to mark Octo-Ber-BATIK 2013.

hedaBATIK Home Gallery at Currimundi.

hedaBATIK Home Gallery at Currimundi.


Okay, is that all? Of course NOT! The works still continues. Again, Thanks to many people to take hedaBATIK on board, to value the real batik artwork! See you at 2014 works!

The last but not least, Thanks to Suzi Karim (www.suzikarim.com) for our valued collaboration to do the multi-platform projects. You are awesome!!

Photographerd by Suzi Karim (www.suzikarim.com) March 2013

Photographerd by Suzi Karim (www.suzikarim.com) March 2013


















Batik Display at Gold Coast

Another Batik Agenda just passed (27/4/2013), was Batik Display to support the celebration of Kartini’s Day at Gold Coast.

IMG_2874[1]So what is Kartini’s Day? Well, let’s we start to get to know who is Kartini first!

Raden Ajeng Kartini, or sometimes known as Raden Ayu Kartini, was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini was a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians.

That’s just the highlight of Kartini, so celebrating Kartini’s Day is celebrating the spirit she has to inspire Indonesian women to go forward and be the pioneer in your own role! Please dig out lots of information about RA Kartini, it’s so interesting!


Back to the reason and purpose of hedaBATIK doing Batik Display at Kartini’s Day is so obvious … taking the role of being today’s Kartini in overseas through the work of batik. I just try to do my best to be today’s Kartini, but it’s still far away! He he he 🙂 By the way, Kartini was also doing Batik!


I’d like to thank to Seharum Nusantara, the organizer for this event, gave me the appreciation and opportunity to share the beauty of batik. I only could do Batik Display because it’s indoor activity. If it’s outdoor and undercover, I would be happy to do Batik Demo in the spot!!


hedaBATIK presented the appreciation to the Diplomat of Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, Diplomat of Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, and the Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesian Embassy in Canberra.

Personally I had the great time because could display batik and look forward to try a different wall side to display for maximum impact  between us.

Thanks to Bapak Aria Bima from Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, Bapak Gatot Subroto from Indonesia Embassy in Canberra and Ibu Kusuma Habir from Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, for spending your value times to ask about vision and mission of hedaBATIK.


Big thanks for the hospitality, what a privilege to be part of your mission! Your appreciation and accessibility to help us in recognition, display, work and relieve were so helpful.***

Batik Agenda for 2013

First agenda of batik just passed! hedaBATIK Clinic just held on Tuesday 23/4 in University of Sunshine Coast to color the Harmony Day. More the Batik Clinic is held, more the beauty of batik is shared.

Together with other performers, we serve our best services to introduce our passion of art and culture in the different ways. We are different but we could live in harmony, our customs and culture are different but we respect each other.

Through the work of batik, I showed the different of batik – it is NOT just another garment or cloth!

The highlight of Batik Clinic from Harmony Day at Uni of SunCoast was … not taking enough photographs!! YES, a little bit slack 🙂 I only have one photo, a Japanese student. Japanese always interested in Batik because there is a similarity with their Kimono’s textile art.


I met lots of people who were interested in Batik. Some of them were who had experienced to visit Indonesia, then realized the effort behind the batik process!

Not to forget, I’d like to thank to Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance for taking me on board and giving me the opportunity to share batik in the sector of education. YES, I look for more works and opportunities for Batik Clinic around the school and universities.

Batik is so versatile, could present the aspect of art, culture and education in the fascinating ways.***



Batik Experience Moment

We are ready for Octo-Ber-BATIK 2011!! It is the year 2 and we expect more people interested in batik. Honestly, we still met some people who don’t know batik while doing Batik Clinic. What their words were:

“I have lots of batik from Bali but I never realized it is the process behind it. Oh My goodness, what a sacrifice!”

“Why do you use that tiny weird tool? What’s wrong with the advanced textile machine? You don’t have the modern textile machine in your country?” (hedaBATIK just smile and happily to explain the winning part of Traditional Batik.)

“What is hedaBATIK?” (Smile again, heda is the name, BATIK is …..bala …bla …bla …)

One lady pointed out to me and her daughter said,”Do you think we should take a Batik Class to gain the sense of patience? Daughter said,” I think so.”

“How do you maintain your emotion while doing batik?” I said,”I must switch my self off from the world so that I can stay peace anywhere anytime, not only while doing batik.” Hhhmmm … 😉

Doing batik when BATIK CLINIC at Noosa Gallery. Courtesy of Istvan Photography [istvanr@gmail.com

But I experienced a special funny moment when one lady came to me and said,”Is it waterproof?” (How will you answer? Kindly or …..)

That’s a part of experiences when doing Batik Clinic so far (From Noosa till Sydney), the journey still long way to go and we believe will be more interested, inspired and motivated. Every moment we have, we thankful for everything.~