hedaBATIK is a representation of myself, Heda Bailey, a batik artist whose work revolves around creating batik pieces from scratches or transform the batik artwork and hosting workshops, batik clinic and exhibitions around Australia.

Batik has become one entity with my life.

It teaches me patience and perseverance in every decision I make; It teaches me how to live according to my choices; and it teaches me how to put a closure when it’s time to do so.

My mission is to spread the beauty of batik that includes the process of making it and to help keeping my culture intact for generations to come by working hard with the skill, knowledge, and passion that I gifted.

I humbly wish that I see people to get in this quest of keeping batik heritage alive.

The spiritual wisdom that pours into a piece of cloth can tell many stories for the generations to come …. That is The Beauty of Batik.



Do not hesitate to contact  if you are interested in Batik Workshop or Clinic, Display or Demo, Expo and Talk – for personal or corporate needs.




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