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hedaBATIK is a representation of myself, Heda Bailey, a batik artist whose work revolves around creating batik pieces from scratches or transform the batik artwork and hosting workshops, batik clinic and exhibitions around Australia.

Courtesy of hedabatik
The art of making batik is patience.

I create some BATIK pieces in a traditional way by using a traditional tool called ‘canting’  which is called as a batik tulis (hand-waxed batik with canting).

I also collect many vintage BATIK long clothes, host the BATIK workshops, share and speak about BATIK, present BATIK Clinics which I can show a brief of batik process to the public, Live Batik Demos, Batik Displays and Exhibitions and everything about batik.

I just love to create the distinguished batik artwork in contemporary style.

hedaBATIK is just a tiny batik hub in Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia to share a heart of batik from the very personal  journey to present batik as Indonesian cultural heritage art.

Everything in hedaBATIK is just a humble beginning to love batik.  Let’s take a real action together to know batik better and to join our batik clinics, classes, exhibitions and workshops so that we participate to preserve batik as the world heritage.

My mission is to spread the beauty of batik through the real artwork – encouraging you to join batik workshop to experience some works behind the beauty of batik in Australia. 

By joining the clinic, workshop or community,  you have taken the first step in protecting and preserving batik heritage in a way that many people only dream about!

PLUS!  Our collection of batik has an extensive resources such as vintage  collections of batik long/hip cloth, tools and equipment, the books of batik as the resources of the knowledge of batik art, culture and history.








Private collections of hedaBATIK.

Private Collections of hedaBATIK
The corner of Batik Display @ ASYIK 3 Sydney … Courtesy of hedaBATIK

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