Ancient Art of Batik in Woodford 2017

Finally I could sit down and do a little update about hedaBATIK’s activity. It’s been quiet in the term of public works but some artworks has been created.

I think it’s so privilege to share about Ancient Art of Batik in Woodford 2017. Back in 26 December 2017 until 1 January 2018, I managed to host 6 days batik workshop!! It was fantastic week, every day was full on as the workshop was booked out. I really thank to you who did more than one batik workshop during Woodford Festival! Thank you to my sons who gave huge supports, involved and assisted to make the workshop went well.

I thank to the best organisers of Woodford Festival!!





You’re so amazing, the level of professional event management were so friendly and so supportive, I found everything was above and beyond, the whole atmosphere during the festival was incredibly wonderful.

batik workshop at woodford

Everyday was interesting day! Everyday was booked out. The workshop was full on with excitements – we did know how to create a beautiful mess!

Personally for my highlight was, I experienced camping for the first time! The first night was so wet and stormy night!!

If it is not wet and muddy or dusty and dry – well, no point to go to Woodford Festival!!




Mark of The Artist

Talking batik in the way to share the beauty of batik artwork must continue. Thankfully the opportunity came! It was one fine Friday of 11 July 2014 in Noosa Regional Gallery, one of the prestigious council galleries, hosted the Batik Talk.

Through their program ‘Mark of The Artist’ I had another fantastic opportunity to discuss the batik artwork from the view of process, the history impacts, the power of colour spread and specialist and the commitment of its artist.

Giving the opportunity to all invited guests to see and touch some pieces of batik from raw, half process and fine finish was the most important parts, not  to mention to see some tool and equipment which used in the batik making.

Big thanks to Noosa Regional Gallery for all preparations including beautiful morning tea and the interest of batik.**