Exhibition: Behind The Brain

Thanks to Redcliffe Council Gallery to have my artworks for a month exhibition! 3 – 28 July 2018.

Let me share the blurb of this exhibition.

Correction: moved to Australia permanently 2001, NOT 2010.


Batik is an ancient textile art that requires the combination of agile hand skills and a creative mind.

In this exhibition, Behind The Brain, I explore themes of marriage, loss and terminal illness.

Through color, shape and pattern these works express the tears, pain, hurt, regret, love and strength of 17 years marriage that ended tragically when my husband died to cancer that spread to the brain in 2014.

Through contemporary batik paintings I’ve been learned the meaning of patience, perseverance, focus, endurance, vision and solitude.

It was not an easy decision to show my artworks publicly, as it reveals my hidden personal life. I had no choice to escape from my marriage.

I purposely NOT to share photos of my artworks as I plan to have more exhibitions for Behind The Brain.**


Batik Exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery

The official opening for Batik Exhibition went well on Friday night 10 October 2014.

It’s only small selection of the artwork “Thousand Rolls of Batik” to highlight the exhibition Metaphysical by senior Chinese Australian artist Ah Xian who is best known for his contemporary use of the ancient mediums of porcelain,  lacquer, cloisonné,  bronze and jade; also the exhibition of Traces of China by the artist couple Yeats and Rick Gruin.

Some of “Thousand Rolls of Batik” artworks displays in Noosa Regional Gallery from 9 October to 23 November.

Besides the exhibition, I have the privilege to hold some batik workshops too.

This is only the beginning of the artwork, the bigger one come soon!

Mark of The Artist

Talking batik in the way to share the beauty of batik artwork must continue. Thankfully the opportunity came! It was one fine Friday of 11 July 2014 in Noosa Regional Gallery, one of the prestigious council galleries, hosted the Batik Talk.

Through their program ‘Mark of The Artist’ I had another fantastic opportunity to discuss the batik artwork from the view of process, the history impacts, the power of colour spread and specialist and the commitment of its artist.

Giving the opportunity to all invited guests to see and touch some pieces of batik from raw, half process and fine finish was the most important parts, not  to mention to see some tool and equipment which used in the batik making.

Big thanks to Noosa Regional Gallery for all preparations including beautiful morning tea and the interest of batik.**