Exhibition: Behind The Brain

Thanks to Redcliffe Council Gallery to have my artworks for a month exhibition! 3 – 28 July 2018.

Let me share the blurb of this exhibition.

Correction: moved to Australia permanently 2001, NOT 2010.


Batik is an ancient textile art that requires the combination of agile hand skills and a creative mind.

In this exhibition, Behind The Brain, I explore themes of marriage, loss and terminal illness.

Through color, shape and pattern these works express the tears, pain, hurt, regret, love and strength of 17 years marriage that ended tragically when my husband died to cancer that spread to the brain in 2014.

Through contemporary batik paintings I’ve been learned the meaning of patience, perseverance, focus, endurance, vision and solitude.

It was not an easy decision to show my artworks publicly, as it reveals my hidden personal life. I had no choice to escape from my marriage.

I purposely NOT to share photos of my artworks as I plan to have more exhibitions for Behind The Brain.**


Batik Clinic in Darling Harbour Sydney

Last Thursday (1/Sept 2011) we drove to Sydney for Batik Trip, hedaBATIK did Batik Clinic at Festival Indonesia in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. We just took a joy ride, stopped to overnight in Port Macquarie then continued the next day to reach Sydney.

Friday morning we hit the road again and around midday we reached Sydney safely. Thanks God!

Once we arrived, straight away we decided to check out the site. Here we go!!

Preparation on the move .... Courtesy of hedaBATIK.

Stalls for the foods, workshop, media, etc ... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Certainly we can’t wait for The Big Day, Saturday 3 September 2011!

Batik Clinic sets Display, do waxing on the spot, and provide a long sheet for people to experience canting and waxing!

The Big Day! Main stage with SBS van ...Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Indonesian tradition costume carnival ..... Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Grab an experience to try to use canting in Batik Clinic ....Courtesy of hedaBATIK

a corner of Batik Clinic with hedaBATIK at Festival Indonesia

One of them who enjoy trying waxing with canting .....Courtesy of hedaBATIK

Well, unfortunately we can’t upload all the photos of them who enjoy to experience waxing with canting tool. Also, I couldn’t take photos and doing batik at the same time including took my own photo while waxing!!

But, above all …..it was a great day and so fruitful clinic!!

Batik Workshop in Sunshine Coast

Last June (11-12/6) I involved with Batik Workshop in Cooroy Butter Factory Sunshine Coast. The workshop was held on the weekend and attended by 20 participants from around the coast. Thanks to Sunshine Coast Regional Council – Nina Shadforth as the Gallery Curator who was invited me.

Hartono, Nina Shadforth and I after batik workshop finished. Courtesy of hedabatik.

The atmosphere of batik workshop Group 2 in Cooroy Butter Factory Art Gallery ::Courtesy of hedabatik

Hartono, a batik artist from Sragen, Central Java who was invited to come to Sunshine Coast for a week led the workshop after share the knowledge of batik process for floor talk in Noosa Regional Gallery few days before.

One of batik workshop participants from Group 2 in Cooroy Butter Factory Art Gallery. ::Courtesy of hedabatik

Do colouring with 'colet' technique in Batik Workshop :: Courtesy of hedabatik

Batik workshop participants were doing dye technique. ::Courtesy of hedabatik

The workshop divided into two groups from waxing, colouring with brush (colet technique) and dyeing it. Each participant receives a complimentary canting and two batik projects.**

Look at their batik!! You can do it too!! ::Courtesy of hedabatik