Batik Workshops in Noosa

Please check out this link as hedaBATIK would love to have some ongoing workshops so that the intention to pass down the knowledge and skills of creating batik happens.

The location:

2/5 Commerce Ct, Noosaville QLD 4566

Grab your ticket now.


Exhibition: Behind The Brain

Thanks to Redcliffe Council Gallery to have my artworks for a month exhibition! 3 – 28 July 2018.

Let me share the blurb of this exhibition.

Correction: moved to Australia permanently 2001, NOT 2010.


Batik is an ancient textile art that requires the combination of agile hand skills and a creative mind.

In this exhibition, Behind The Brain, I explore themes of marriage, loss and terminal illness.

Through color, shape and pattern these works express the tears, pain, hurt, regret, love and strength of 17 years marriage that ended tragically when my husband died to cancer that spread to the brain in 2014.

Through contemporary batik paintings I’ve been learned the meaning of patience, perseverance, focus, endurance, vision and solitude.

It was not an easy decision to show my artworks publicly, as it reveals my hidden personal life. I had no choice to escape from my marriage.

I purposely NOT to share photos of my artworks as I plan to have more exhibitions for Behind The Brain.**

Ancient Art of Batik in Woodford 2017

Finally I could sit down and do a little update about hedaBATIK’s activity. It’s been quiet in the term of public works but some artworks has been created.

I think it’s so privilege to share about Ancient Art of Batik in Woodford 2017. Back in 26 December 2017 until 1 January 2018, I managed to host 6 days batik workshop!! It was fantastic week, every day was full on as the workshop was booked out. I really thank to you who did more than one batik workshop during Woodford Festival! Thank you to my sons who gave huge supports, involved and assisted to make the workshop went well.

I thank to the best organisers of Woodford Festival!!





You’re so amazing, the level of professional event management were so friendly and so supportive, I found everything was above and beyond, the whole atmosphere during the festival was incredibly wonderful.

batik workshop at woodford

Everyday was interesting day! Everyday was booked out. The workshop was full on with excitements – we did know how to create a beautiful mess!

Personally for my highlight was, I experienced camping for the first time! The first night was so wet and stormy night!!

If it is not wet and muddy or dusty and dry – well, no point to go to Woodford Festival!!



Batik Workshop at School

Batik Workshop for year 8, 9, 10, 11 in the school is great!

Thank you for the opportunity and very warm response to it. Students had so much fun as many of them didn’t know what is batik.

Doing batik gave them  something to learn about ART in the different medium, connect them with CULTURE and complete them with the element of EDUCATION by doing actual project of batik!


hedabatik returns

It has been a long time not to update or share anything about the activities of batik. Well, hedabatik is still alive, unfortunately the off time occurred because I just passed the deep valleys after my husband passed away back in December 2014. Being able to support him in the battle of melanoma cancer that spread to the brain took me into the challenged journey but enrich my life.

Focus on the family became the priority, shifted everything else down.

I choose to take a very slow process to make myself return to batik’s heaven in creating or hosting clinic and workshop. During 2015 I did Batik Clinic and Workshop at Cleveland High School Brisbane, Noosa Council Gallery and University of Sunshine Coast. In term of personal productivity, creating the contemporary batik artworks still run.

For March 2016, I just did Batik Clinic and Demo at Gallery 159 Brisbane to support the exhibition of Batik, Tapis, Tirai, Songket and Tampan Collections. Thanks to Peter and Janet De Boer who owned and operated the gallery. Thanks to include me in the exhibition! Thank you Dr. Maria Wronska for the connection! It was great and had a fantastic time catch up! Wine and cheese for the opening afternoon was excellent!

I guess it is time to return to a long delay project! The educational mission to spread the beauty of batik through the real works behind batik must be delivered! The agenda of exhibition must be aligned and get into it! Slowly but sure as slow as to create hundred dots of batik!



Batik Workshop at University of Sunshine Coast

Thanks to Aaron, Pak Richard, Lachlan, Pippa,  Arum and others to make this workshop fun and fabulous!

Courtesy of hedabatik

Courtesy of hedabatik

20150528_094657 20150528_094904 20150528_135025

It was one fine Thursday 28 May 2015 at University of Sunshine Coast to support the Diversity Week.

We had 2 groups for one day workshop! You’re all amazing!!

One highlight was pak Bruce was so happy not to leave the session as he wasn’t sure if he could make batik. He made it and happy ending for his experience as he admitted it!

20150528_132315 20150528_112915

After all, one by one they admitted how they felt!! Ooooh … so awesome!!  So ….. ready with bigger project and challenge?!


At Griffith University

It’s always a privilege moment to be invited to conduct batik workshop. Back in 11 April 2015 the workshop at Griffith University went well as the bad weather hit for more than 24 hours. It was non stop torrential raining then flooding in the highway threatened my trip from Sunshine Coast to Southbank.

I did stop 3 times as I couldn’t see the road; thought to cancel and went back home but the knowledge must pass it on!

I only could pray during driving and believing that I am not alone. Believing that mighty protection upon me.

After more than 2 hours and a half driving, I arrived safely but I faced another challenges!  It was …. conducting the workshop indoor in the gloomy day!

Thanks God again as the building security switched off all the air conditioning and smoke alarm system for the whole one block!

To compensate the sunlight,  I used the hair dryer and some participants used it to dry their shoes!!

After all, we made it perfectly. Thanks to Bapak Richard Curtis, ibu Endah Curtis,  Brisbane Catholic Education and all the language educators.

Such a great moment!

Such a great moment!